How LightCourse works


Worldwide access to Credit-bearing courses,
both online and on-campus


LightCourse provides worldwide access to credit-bearing college courses, both online and on-campus.

We partner with top-notch institutions around the world and offer 7000+ official college courses covering more than 300 different
majors and disciplines, including mathematics, business, computer science, communications, art, social science, humanities, and
other fields. Available courses include required courses for many majors, general education requirements, electives at various
levels, as well as more specialized offerings.

What We Provide ?

Credit-bearing online courses

For individual online courses, students can choose between live ("synchronous") or recorded ("asynchronous") courses as the mode of instruction. Along with the usual spring, summer, fall, and winter terms, there are also self-paced courses available, allowing students to choose the appropriate classes based on their own schedules.


Students join live video conference classrooms during scheduled class hours.

Professors teach face-to-face classes while also live-streaming to online students who attend virtually via the internet.


Professors pre-record lectures, and students watch the recordings before specific deadlines. record lectures during synchronous/live classes, and students who are unable to attend the class live can instead view the recorded lecture later.


Self-paced courses give students a great deal of flexibility, allowing them to register and start classes at any time. Students can have more freedom in terms of finishing their studies, as they may work at their own pace without worrying about regular deadlines.

Who is this format best for?

Students seeking to interact with their instructors and classmates, and students who want an online course that is most similar to a traditional in-person classroom experience.
Students whose schedules make it difficult to attend live classes at set times, and students who prefer to watch lectures repeatedly in order to understand more thoroughly.
Students whose schedules require them to keep maximum flexibility when taking classes, and students who want complete control over their learning schedule.

Who is this format best for?

Course level:Undergraduate/Graduate
Typical length:Spiring,Fall: 8-14weeks
Credit hours:3/4
Quarter credit hours:3/4*1.5


Register at any time, and complete it according to your progress within the deadline. Credit hours are course-dependent, usually:
Semester credit hours:3/4
Quarter credit hours:3/4*1.5

2.   Credit-bearing study abroad programs

LightCourse collaborates with renowned institutions around the world to offer credit-bearing study abroad programs to students who want to broaden
their cultural horizons. Students can study business, math, computer science, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts
in summer school programs provided by institutions in locations such as San Francisco, London, Florence, Toronto, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Beijing.

san francisco

3.   How to Participate

Step1 Check the transfer credit policy of your school
Step2 Check if the selected course covers the one in your school
Step3 Select a program/course
Step4 Submit personal information for course registration
Step5 Confirm your order and make a payment
Step6 Receive course details upon registration
Step7 Start taking classes
Step8 Obtain transcripts and other follow-up matters

We Are Here to Help

Our team of LightCourse advisors is readily available to assist you at every stage of the process. We aspire that, with LightCourse's support,
all students will experience a convenient and efficient journey.

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