How to Transfer Credits ?

How to  Transfer Credits ?
Transfer Credits

What is Credit Transfer?

"Credit transfer" refers to the process by which educational institutions evaluate and accept credits earned elsewhere. The accep-
tance of transfer credits is determined by the student's home institution.

Transfer credit policies may differ from institution to institution. Accordingly, our expert advisors work with students one-on-one to guide
them in seeking approval for courses, thereby making credit transfer as smooth and efficient as possible.

When approving a course, a home institution will consider a number of factors. Often, for example, students are asked to give information
regarding a host/provider institution's program, such as a link to the official website, course syllabus, class hours, location, etc. The home
nstitution will decide whether or not to accept transfer credits based on the information provided.

Key assessment criteria for evaluating whether credit will be transferred include:


The home institution will determine if the student is eligible for credit transfer. Information collected and evaluated typically includes such info as school year, GPA, number of credits earned, and whether the student has taken prerequisite courses, among others.

of the program

The home institution will consider program host/provider accreditation to assess that institution's qualifications and whether the quality of instruction meets the home institution's requirements.


It is important to make sure that the course is equivalent to a class at the student's home institution and meets the school's course requirements. This information is crucial when a student needs to transfer credits for a specific curriculum since it determines whether the course will be covered.

Speak to a LightCourse advisor to consult with your questions or problems regarding credit transfer.

Transfer Credits

Course Approval

Course approval is a key component of credit transfer.

Pre-course and post-course approval are the two types of course approval procedures:
Course Pre-Approval refers to a home institution assessing before you enroll in an external course whether the potential transfer
credits you will earn are likely to be accepted. The course will be evaluated to see if it meets your home insti-
tution’s transfer credit requirements. If the course receives pre-approval, you can take the course with more
confidence that you will be able to successfully transfer the credits after completing it.
Course Post-Approval refers to a home institution assessing after receiving an official transcript from the institution where the course
was taken whether or not to accept the transfer credits for an already-completed course. With Post-Approval,
you do not know in advance whether a potential external course matches your intended course at your home
institution, or whether your home institution will accept transfer credits. Thus, with Post-Approval, there is a
higher risk of failing to transfer credits.

Receive Grades

When you finish your chosen course with your hard work, wait patiently for the result. Final grades are usually released one week following the last day of class, and some programs will post grades at the end of the semester. The exact time will be determined by the notification made by the instructor or institution.

The general transfer credit standard at North American institutions requires a grade of C or better. Some schools, however, will accept a C- or even a D. Please check your school's transfer credit policy for precise transfer credit requirements since each school's precise grade requirements for transfer credits vary.

Once you have reviewed your grade and it meets your expectations, you can request a transcript to be sent to your school. On the other hand, if you are unhappy with the result, you can choose whether to invalidate the grade or re-enroll in the course based on your situation.

Transcript Delivery

The course offering institution will send the requested transcripts directly to your school's transfer credit office.

*In general, transcripts will be given out within 1-2 weeks, but the actual delivery time depends on the school's availability.

Once your transcript is received, your school's transfer credit office will transfer credits according to its protocols and requirements. The processing period varies from one week to several months, depending on your home institution. You can email the office to inquire about your credit transfer status.


We Are Here to Help

We hope that with the support of LightCourse, every student will find the process of transferring credits to be simple and convenient.

Our expert transfer credit professionals, who have up-to-date data on transfer credit policies at over 4000 colleges and universities, are always
ready to help and guide you in determining and adhering to all relevant university policies and deadlines, obtaining and delivering transcripts,
and resolving other concerns.

Speak to a LightCourse advisor
to consult with your questions or problems regarding credit transfer.


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