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LightCourse is a global higher education opportunity provider that aims to meet students' diverse educational needs while also assisting universities and colleges in developing and promoting courses and programs that can reach potential students all over the world.

With over ten years of experience in the education industry, LightCourse has established marketing channels covering North American and Chinese students and has accumulated rich experience in international student services, international program establishment and operation. To better meet the varied needs of students seeking higher education, we provide students with different choices of online and in-person credit courses and study abroad programs.

We're seeking great collaborating institutions from all over the world to join our platform.
With LightCourse, you can:

Increase enrollments and global market reach
Promote your existing courses and programs

Explore global opportunities
Develop programs in Asian countries like China

Seek internationalization solutions
Establish globalized modularized curriculums and attract foreign faculty and students

Why us?

Our collaborating institutions are able to expand their international reach and increase enrollments for both new and existing programs by leveraging our marketing expertise and capacity.

  • Help Institutions Increase Brand Awareness

    Our student network spans the United States, Canada, and China, allowing our partner higher education institutions to expand their brand awareness across multiple regions.

  • Wide Student Coverage

    LightCourse has an active and engaging presence on key student-oriented social media channels. LightCourse has tens of thousands of followers on social media, resulting in significant brand recognition among students.

  • The Convergence Advantage of Collaboration

    LightCourse believes that 1+1 is greater than 2.We are committed to building a collaborative model centered on the LightCourse platform, with active partner participation, to maximize the benefits of aggregation in a way that a single institution cannot achieve. We work with institutions to provide students with a wider variety of programs and courses, as well as more diverse learning opportunities, depending on their needs. At the same time, through LightCourse, universities can expand the global influence of their brands.

For Faculty

Join the LightCourse Instructor Network!

Are you:

A fantastic instructor?

An expert in your field or discipline?

Looking forward to working with brilliant and eager students from all over the world?

Ready to interact with people from different cultures and maybe travel internationally?

Then we're looking for you!

LightCourse is looking for experienced instructors to join our growing network of educators who will help students have simple access to higher education that will prepare them for an increasingly globalized society.

As an instructor in the LightCourse network, you will have the opportunity to teach abroad or online at top global higher education institutions during convenient times in the academic calendar. Classes are conducted in English with small student-to-faculty ratios. Instructors generally teach two to three courses in a given term and will be fully supported by a dedicated team of professional staff with extensive expertise and experience in developing and operating high-quality academic programming.

Qualifications and skills:

Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree in a relevant field

3+ years of relevant teaching experience at accredited institution(s)

Excellent oral communication and presenting skills

Willingness and ability to teach introductory courses


Salary commensurate with qualifications

Travel stipend

Accommodations and certain other logistical costs are covered by LightCourse or platform partners

LightCourse Campus Representative

What is a campus representative?

As a LightCourse campus representative, you will be responsible for the positive branding of LightCourse at your school, assisting with channel negotiations, recommending the LightCourse credit course platform to your peers, executing campus events, etc.

We hope you will consider this internship as an opportunity to develop and enhance yourself. We encourage you to focus your preferences and strengths in the direction you want to go throughout the internship - branding, channel, event planning and execution, team growth, or anything else - and we'll work together towards your career path.

This is a paid internship, and we hope that you will be rewarded for all your efforts. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about salaries.

As a LightCourse campus representative,you can gain:

Marketing ability training-marketing, traffic operation, brand promotion, and other aspects of capacity enhancement.

Event planning and execution skills training.

Skills development- professional career-oriented analysis and consultation, comprehensive training on marketing knowledge, job interview skills, and resume revision.

Expanding connections with global campus representatives.

Occasional campus representative gatherings.

Internship certifications in both the United States and China.

Referral opportunities to jobs in elite enterprises.

Opportunity to get air tickets and free credit courses for excellent performance.

Priority access to other benefits.

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